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The 21st London Latin America Film Festival has programmed Postales for this year’s festival.  The film screens at Riverside Studios on the Thames River. Tell a friend in London.

Postales Screening Times:

Monday, November 21 at 20: 30 (8:30 pm)
Thursday, November 24 at 18:30 (6:30 pm)


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As we’ve been working to find the North American Premiere for Postales, we’ve also had a bit of time to travel.  A couple days after the Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival, Dan Fischer, a producer and the cinematographer of the film, traveled through Peru to catch up with the crew and cast of Postales.

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Our hope is to create a Peruvian revenue stream that goes directly to support various NGO’s in Cuzco which support street kids.  This is the first step in having the film give back to the community it came from.  Thanks for the support and enjoy the photos from our cast and crew in Peru.

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Congratulations to fellow IFP lab fellows Zeina Durra, Vanessa Hope and the cast and crew of “The Imperialists are Still Alive!” on being selected to participate in this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Best of luck to all; 2010 looks to be a fruitful year for all of the lab’s participants!

Happy New Year!!!

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Hey everybody, check out the new and extended Postales trailer that was screened during IFP Film Week in New York City! It’s a bit more explicative than the original, be sure to watch and leave your comments below!

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Selected as one of only 10 films in the nation, Postales will be represented in IFP’s emerging narrative section during their Independent Film Week market running September 19-23. This is both an incredible honor and opportunity for the Postales team. Check out what one of the film’s producers, PJ Fishwick, has to say about the experience so far…

pj-02 “Its been a great week so far for Postales here at IFP NY Film Week.  There have been so many Film Week events we havent had too much down time.  The conference section of film week has had some really interesting panel discussions about every aspect of producing an independent feature moderated by some of the pillars of the Indie Film making community.  Last night we attended a rooftop films screening of the Emerging Narrative trailers and it was a great feeling to have so many members of the public and the Indie Film community view the Postales trailer. Today the team has been meeting with distributers and financiers all day to talk

about Postales and future of LoFu Productions.

Thanks for putting together such a great week IFP!”

PJ Fishwick,

Producer Postales

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Check out Postales’ latest feature article in the July-August edition of HighDef Magazine! Click on the link below to read the full article on page 13.



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All of Postales‘ color timing was done at Optimus in Chicago under the master guidance of Ken Wald. After 5 sessions of around 5 hours each, we achieved our first pass. Both Dan Fischer and Evan Smith sat in, lending each other a hand when the Ken Wald, Color Timertediousness of the work became wearying. “Ken is a magician,” said Fischer, “fantastic at his work. He can get in a groove and move fast while keeping a wonderful eye out for fixes.” While this process puts an undeniable polish on the film, the work is focused on the minute details as much as it is the overall picture…often times these guys would spend 15 minutes staring at a single image and then repeating that process over a 5 hour session.

Ted Sianis, our graphics guy, worked his own magic…much like a super cool, high tech pencil eraser, but with computers! Ted helped to conceal a handful of problem shots: adding mud to a water spicket and removing lights that found their way into the shots. In one instance, he even added a building to the valley skyline in order to cover up a few lights. Not only does his work look Ted Sianis, Graphicsexcellent, but he was a real trooper, patiently working with Dan who made several return visits as they worked their way through a handful of technical issues (Codec problems, screen ratio, timing). These complications were in part due to the fact that the film was still being tweaked in the editing room while he was working. No sooner would he be done, but a shot length would change and we would find ourselves back on Ted’s doorstep. Dan admitted later that together they probably learned more about new codecs across different platforms than he may ever need to know!

Thanks again to both of these fine gentlemen, Ken Wald and Ted Sianis, for their tremendous work. Be sure to check out the latest photos and webisodes, and keep your eyes peeled for updates regarding Postales at IFP Film Week, coming up next month!

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