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The 21st London Latin America Film Festival has programmed Postales for this year’s festival.  The film screens at Riverside Studios on the Thames River. Tell a friend in London.

Postales Screening Times:

Monday, November 21 at 20: 30 (8:30 pm)
Thursday, November 24 at 18:30 (6:30 pm)


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As we’ve been working to find the North American Premiere for Postales, we’ve also had a bit of time to travel.  A couple days after the Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival, Dan Fischer, a producer and the cinematographer of the film, traveled through Peru to catch up with the crew and cast of Postales.

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Our hope is to create a Peruvian revenue stream that goes directly to support various NGO’s in Cuzco which support street kids.  This is the first step in having the film give back to the community it came from.  Thanks for the support and enjoy the photos from our cast and crew in Peru.

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The festival is over.  Our badges don’t get us into any special parties or free screenings and the film festival road continues.  Edinburgh was our first screening and hopefully it will be the launching pad to helping us find the perfect North American Premiere.  We have our eyes set on some good festivals in the U.S and around the world.  The film was well received in Scotland and we met some new friends such as Diane Bell from Obselidia,  Wayne Thallon and the whole crew from  A Spanking in Paradise Aaron the director of Get Low (starting Bill Murray and Robert Duvall), Alec and Steph from The Red Machine, Soloman from One Dead Pixel, one of the UK HDSLR Masters, James Stoneley, Col Spector with all of the Honeymooner crew-Alicia and Vanessa, and many many more great talents.  Hopefully as we travel the festival circuit in the next year we’ll get to see all of our new friends.  If we’re lucky some of our new friends will become collaborators for new stories.

We went to Edinburgh with the goal of stoking interest in our film and I think we’ve achieved our humble goal.  Now we just have build the interest into Solid Distribution.  Thank you Scotland, EIFF 2010 audiences, Hannah McGill, and most of all thank you Cuzco, Peru for allowing us to tell this story.

Here is some of the press Postales received at the festival:

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Cinema Blend – Film Festival Wrap up- Postales mention

The New Current

The List mentions Postales

EFE- The Associated Press for Spain embraces Postales-Feature Story

Postcard from the Edge-Feature Story

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After 4 months of pre-production and an action packed 24 day shoot, we are thrilled to announce that production for Postales the movie is at last complete! From what was once a 7 year struggle to bring this story to life, has emerged aCrew stunning independent feature, touting a superb multicultural cast and a sleek new abbreviated title. The whole team at LoFu Productions extends their sincerest thanks to the cast and crew, as well as the numerous supporters who have followed along through our production blog back in the states. Here’s to all the great editing work ahead!

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