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Hey all, we’ve been working hard trying to keep all of our press materials up-to-date.  Here is a good update.  The newest incarnation of the Postales poster.  The good news is we get to keep adding festivals.  Enjoy!

Postales Movie Poster - January 2012


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The festival is over.  Our badges don’t get us into any special parties or free screenings and the film festival road continues.  Edinburgh was our first screening and hopefully it will be the launching pad to helping us find the perfect North American Premiere.  We have our eyes set on some good festivals in the U.S and around the world.  The film was well received in Scotland and we met some new friends such as Diane Bell from Obselidia,  Wayne Thallon and the whole crew from  A Spanking in Paradise Aaron the director of Get Low (starting Bill Murray and Robert Duvall), Alec and Steph from The Red Machine, Soloman from One Dead Pixel, one of the UK HDSLR Masters, James Stoneley, Col Spector with all of the Honeymooner crew-Alicia and Vanessa, and many many more great talents.  Hopefully as we travel the festival circuit in the next year we’ll get to see all of our new friends.  If we’re lucky some of our new friends will become collaborators for new stories.

We went to Edinburgh with the goal of stoking interest in our film and I think we’ve achieved our humble goal.  Now we just have build the interest into Solid Distribution.  Thank you Scotland, EIFF 2010 audiences, Hannah McGill, and most of all thank you Cuzco, Peru for allowing us to tell this story.

Here is some of the press Postales received at the festival:

-The Saint Screen Blog- Review

IndieWire- A panel discusion with Diane Bell of Obeslidia and Josh Hyde of Postales-Feature Story

Cinema Blend – Film Festival Wrap up- Postales mention

The New Current

The List mentions Postales

EFE- The Associated Press for Spain embraces Postales-Feature Story

Postcard from the Edge-Feature Story

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As the Postales entourage walked to it’s very first screening, we were all curious who would be introducing our film.  No one knew and then we were humbled, excited, and slowly understood how our film from the streets of Cuzco, Peru has creeped into the hearts of Scotland and the festival director, Hannah McGill.  As we arrived they told us that she would be doing our intro and our Q and A.  A TRULY CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE.  Now all bask in the glory of one of the young, vibrant, soldier of CINEMA and STORYTELLING.  The one, the only…HANNAH MCGILL.

She doesn’t mess about.  And if you come into Hannah’s Edinburgh International House of Cinema.  Remember STORY, STORY, STORY!

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The festival continues this week with more great cinema from unique voices.  The second waive of the Postales Team has arrived, DP/Producer, Dan Fischer, and Editor, Evan Smith, have arrived to a friendly Scottish welcome.

We’ve been seeing movies, lining up sales agents, and distributors to see the movie hoping for a happy ending to this decade long Cinematic Cinderella story.  Some of our Top Pick coming to a cinema near you are Boythe new film from Taika Waititi, Thunder Soul by our new friend the director, Mark Landsman, The People vs. George Lucas directed by Alexander O. Phillipe, and one of my NEW FAVORITES from the streets of Edinburgh, A Spanking in Paradise.  Hopefully, this film can pave the way for Scottish Indie Filmmaking.  Much Love to the Maori culture, especially my BRO, Tearepa Kahi, who was at Edinburgh FF 2007 with the amazing film, Taua- War Party

 All these films have one thing in common.  They put the Soul of Story first for an entertaining and enlightening  audience ride.    In the meantime all of us have been enjoying the Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival.  Check out the photos, documenting the journey.

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Hello from Edinburgh,

Its been a long road from Cuzco to Edinburgh but last night writer/director,  Josh Hyde.  and I suited up in our tuxedos for the premiere of the Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet.  It was an awesome feeling to walk down the red carpet at the opening screening of this great film.  Afterwards we followed a bagpiper through the streets of Edinburgh to the Gala, a huge party to mark the opening of the festival.  Today I’m sitting in the Delegate Center catching up some work and waiting to meet up with Avi, the production coordinator on Postales.  Much to do and more to come from Edinburgh…

PJ Fishwick, Producer


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